Navajo Obstacle Course


August 2nd, 2020

Steel City Ninja and Nomadic Hart Photography are happy to announce our Navajo Obstacle Course Race Sunday August 2nd. Navajo OCR is a perfect chance to combine swinging and hanging obstacles with light running, challenging both mind and body. This entry level event will be perfect for all types and ages as each obstacle and the running in between will be not need too much general fitness required. Our hopes are to enjoy saying yes to a fun and challenging event and hopefully laying the foundation to a new you for the immediate future.

We will be recognizing everyone for their efforts with a keepsake and also recognizing the top 3 racers in each age category during our athlete’s celebration at the conclusion of the day around 3pm where we ‘ll have catered food, drinks and photo shoots with Jon and Nomadic Hart Photography. Some obstacles will have a one attempt max while others will have multiple attempts to keep the flow of the race going. Each obstacle missed will add 30 seconds to your overall time used for placement.  Carpooling will be appreciated and possibly offered to and from a local school less than a mile away since we will be hosting this event in Scott’s backyard and Cul-de-sac neighborhood. If you are looking for that THING to spark some change in your fitness life or simply want to enjoy being next to similar minded dreamers, then this is perfect for you. Or perhaps, you wish to be a part of the event without actually competing as we will need volunteers through the day.

All participants will need to follow the steps below in our SCN Mindbody to save your spot. We are limiting each wave of competitions to a very small amount, so first come, first serve. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get a hold of us through Facebook, Instagram, cell or email. We have all of the answers you may be looking for.



  • Parking will not be allowed in the Cul-De-Sac where our running portion of our event. There is a school 1 mile away that we will use for your parking and shuttle if possible with volunteer help. Dropping of athletes will be allowed.

  • All competitors will have to register using the instructions below and pass a Thermo-registration. Anyone having a temperature of 100.6 or more will be asked to sit in our cool down area secluded with their family. We will check temperature one more time several minutes later. Another failed test will reject registration into our event with NO REFUND. If you are coming into  a high fever and do not want to risk it, we will refund 50% of your money as long as it is 2 weeks before so we have a chance to fill your spot. If we do, a complete refund will be given.  


Steps to Register​

  • Click on the registration portal of Mindbody HERE and create a new account. Existing account holders can sign into their existing portal

  • Click Enrollments as find the age category that fits you. We may be mixing up ages in different waves throughout the day so the times are more specific to waves then age categories. More will be explained in our welcome email.

UNAA Regional Qualifier

August 9th, 2020

We are beyond pleased to be able to hold our rescheduled UNAA Regional qualifier. So many turns have happened for all of us and Steel City Ninja is thankful for a return to competitive NINJA.

Because of COVID-19, there will be some procedural requisites are in order for us to safely and responsibly hold this event. We hope that everyone understands the sensitive nature to living in 2020. There are MANY different thoughts, concerns and ideas on how to manage this new normal, so please be empathetic to the decisions we have made. Below are some quick components that everyone will be ready to abide by should you register for this event. Registration is LIVE. Scroll down past the rules and procedures for insdtruciton on how to occupy a very limited space event.


  • Our event will be held indoors. All warm up areas, registration and escort pick up will be outdoor in the MAIN AREA.

  • Thermo-registration will be set in the Main Area. Masks will be mandatory for anyone in or entering this area AT ALL TIMES. Anyone having a temperature of 100.6 or more will be asked to sit in our cool down area secluded with their family. We will check temperature one more time several minutes later. Another failed test will reject registration into our event with NO REFUND. If you are coming into the weekend with a high fever and do not want to risk the travel, we will refund your money 100%

  • There will only be one videographer allowed during your run only, no exceptions.

  • The next 2 competitors and their partner will be escorted into our facility for their run. Masks will be required to enter the gym and stay on until moments before the competitive run begins. The videographer must maintain their mask at all times. When both competitors have run, all 4 will be returned into the Main Area. 

  • Exiting the Main area, there will be a ropes course, food and merchant tables. Masks are recommended in this area.

  • Every obstacle will be cleaned AFTER EACH RUN

  • Recognition of podium finishers will take place in the Main Area

  • WE ARE LIMITING OUT OF STATE COMPETITORS. At this time, that number hasn't been decided but NO OUT OF TOWN STATE WILL HAVE MORE OR LESS CONCERN, we will accept registrations in the order as they are received until this number is reached.

General Information

  • Top 3 in each age category will qualify into the 2020 UNAA World Championships. If one of these have already qualified, their spot will be granted to the next placement.

  • We are hoping to have a ZOOM video of the competition or some other remote viewing of our event as there are no spectators inside the gym. We do not guarantee this amenity but if we do, it will be located outside of the main area.

  • Cost is $65/athlete. Anyone that has competed in our area qualifier in March will be given a 15% discount code. If you have not received your email by the time you are about to register, please give us a call. YOU MUST WAIT FOR THE CODE TO RECEIVE THIS DISCOUNT. There will be no deduction after you have registered.

Please return to this page frequently to see if any changes have been made. Changes will be noted with a yellow color for quick reference.


  • Click HERE for the Registration Portal.

  • Create a MINDBODY account with Steel City Ninja and sign the Assumption of Risk waiver and COVID-19 Addendum.

  • Click the Enrollment Tab at the top of your personal portal for the appropriate age category. Times will be added later but plan on the first wave to begin at 10:30.

  • If you don't receive a welcome email shortly after you register, please call us to confirm your registration.


In true SCN fashion, we may be adding a Saturday event at Scott's backyard course. Many obstacles make this backyard one of a kind. Again, there are many different steps and opinions to whether this will happen but if it does, it will be limited to a certain amount of people for each wave of weekend fun. A nominal fee may be asked but like everything below, NOTHING IS CONFIRMED. Some potential components are..

  • Our space is inclusive of the prerequisite obstacles for an UNAA event and may be an Area Qualifier for Sunday's event. Registration will be required regardless.

  • We will have to shuttle athletes in or have a mandatory drop off for athletes. There is a school parking lot within a mile to walk or shuttle. NO CARS WILL BE ALLOWED IN HIS CAL-DE-SAC.

  • We may hold a celebration event outdoors of Steel City Ninja.


Steel City Ninja, L.L.C.